The American Research Labs team approached us in the midst of the pandemic with a specific need: they wanted to make their diagnostic testing offering contact-free to ensure safety of both staff and patients. With the rising cases of COVID-19 throughout Southeast Florida, there was a huge communal need to rethink the touchpoints with patients during the COVID testing and vaccination process. This patient-centric approach to diagnostic testing would be amongst the first piloted in the regional area.


The Background


The Solution

Patient-Centricity in Digital Solution Design

Upon review of their existing digital presence, we quickly identified that the ARL Labs team would need a fresh, new digital presence in order to build trust with the community as the existing website and content strategy lacked concentrated and consolidated design focus. In partnership with Lifted Solutions, we reimagined ARL Labs’ brand elements in a more approachable, concise manner.

With the nationwide spotlight on diagnostic testing, the key for American Research Labs was a brand presence that the community could engage with easily and understand. Since diagnostic testing historically has not been an area of consumer focus or interest, there was a real opportunity to rethink the patient experience and deliver a digital experience that would differentiate ARL from other diagnostic testing companies in the area.

We introduced optimized digital tools and a website that would allow for the entire testing process to be conducted in 5 steps, all at the convenience of patients. All marketing efforts that followed were to ensure the consumer journey and experience across all digital properties was in-line with the new brand design and strategy.

Setting Sail With Confidence

In addition to their localized needs, the ARL Team was partnering with large cruise line ships to expand their footprint and offering a contact-free model was paramount in the height of the pandemic. ARL was also in need of a tailored marketing strategy addressing the needs of travelers and cruise liner personnel safety at sea, per CDC guidelines.

We created a specific campaign tailored specifically to educate medical personnel on the full suite of portside testing offerings ARL provided to ensure staff and passenger safety at sea.