With the looming pandemic overhead, a team of doctors, scientists, and clinicians approached alcomī to discuss potential ways to rethink accessible men’s healthcare. They were noticing a need for a digital-first approach to men’s wellness, along with an explosive adoption of remote and at-home telemedicine options. The opportunity at hand was to think about wellness for men from an approachable, affordable, and convenient angle with hopes to not only work on treatments that support existing needs but aid in the realms of diagnostics and preventative care measures.


The Background


The Solution

Alcomī began by defining the brand positioning, key message attributes, and giving it a name: brigo. Brigo reflects a brand that puts men at the center of the wellness conversation and helps them address the problems they are facing, where they are. The brand promises better days tomorrow so men are not defined by the health conditions they face by redefining vitality. Through accessible care from the comfort of their homes and a digital platform to engage with medical providers in the midst of the pandemic, the goal was to shift men’s health conversations towards comfortable, accessible, and approachable care. Brigo as a brand stands for overcoming obstacles that hinder men from being present in their lives. The brand piloted launch with a focus on men’s sexual wellness and hair health.

Alcomī led the entire strategic development of the brand: from the logo and identity system to the cohesive brand experience across all the brand’s touchpoints including the website, launch emails, sales materials, and internal communications. Alcomī partnered with Lifted Solutions to help bring the website design and development to life.

Across the digital brand ecosystem, we intentionally and strategically focused on the development and dissemination of educational materials for men at every step of their journey so that their health treatment decisions were powered by their awareness and knowledge first and foremost.