Elixia was in need of a new consolidated, and more serious strategic rebrand to encompass its expansive growth within the clinical trial space. The company experienced rapid growth through the pandemic and needed a digital presence and published content exemplified its impact, expertise, and unique approach to the conduct of clinical trials.


The Background


The Solution

Alcomī collaborated with Elixia’s senior leadership on the strategy behind the new company branding, giving the website development and user experience a patient-friendly focus without sacrificing the serious and maturing feel that appeals to pharmaceutical partners.

The Strategic Approach

Elixia’s mission is to propel scientific research forward in the clinical trials space in efforts to make life-altering medical treatments and innovations accessible to everyone. The company experienced rapid year-on-year growth covering several therapeutic areas of expertise and impressive efficiency metrics through it’s unique clinical trial model. Our goal was to ensure this forward-thinking and human-centric approach was both represented both through the design elements and the site architecture.

Consolidated Information Architecture

Prior to the redesign, the brand lacked a consolidated presence across its marketing ecosystem. The new information architecture across both the site and offline marketing collateral all emphasized Elixia’s mission towards moving medical innovation forward. The emphasis on the technological platform Elixia uses to improve its cross-site operations and patient facing education was a main focus. We worked closely with senior leadership to ensure the content strategy across all marketing channels within their ecosystem spoke synergistically to the company brand, therapeutic expansion and national footprint, and the team’s long term vision in a meaningful way.

Elixia Health now has a more streamlined, polished website and brand presence that is iterative, and approachable. Patients who may be looking to educate themselves on the clinical trial participation process now have a place to learn more and digitally engage with Elixia.